Welcome to the Fountain of Youth Blog! This is an educational place where you can read about many of the topics that impact most if not all of the individuals we work with while also getting a glimpse into how Fountain of Youth staff work every day to help community members better themselves and the situations they are in.

The mission of the Fountain of Youth is to change mindsets that contribute to generational poverty and your participation in reading this blog is a step further in achieving change through personal and professional development. 



Launching of this blog is in coincidence with Eradication of Generational Poverty Day on December 7th, and the purpose it to bring awareness to generational poverty, one of the topics that Fountain of Youth staff work on every day. 

Generational poverty is defined as the condition of an individual that, during childhood, was supported by a family at or below the national poverty level and continues to live at or below the national poverty level as an adult (Urban Ventures, 2020). One thing that is important to note when looking not only at generational poverty, but poverty in general, is that this is not solely and economic problem. Poverty is a complex situation that includes a lack of income and a lack in the basic capabilities to live in and with dignity (UN, 2019).

There are many areas of one’s life that play a role when looking at generational poverty. These areas include; limited access to health care, lack of access to nutritious food, unsafe housing, and dangerous working conditions (UN, 2019).  Often individuals that are brought up in these conditions remain in this situation for two or three generations. In many situations, individuals born and raised in poor neighborhoods received lower quality of education and have decreased access to higher paying jobs. These two aspects together make it very difficult for people to leave these situations because they often do not have the support or resources, monetary or otherwise. 

It is at this point you may be wondering, “How does this relate to the Fountain of Youth?” Well, the City of Dubuque recognizes December 7th as Eradication of Generational Poverty Day. This is an important day to the Fountain of Youth because every day we strive to change the mindsets that contribute to generational poverty.

Here at the Fountain of Youth we work with people from all walks of life that are in poverty. Not only do we help change the mindsets of the people we are working with but we help them by giving them a hand up to work on improving their situations and make the lifestyle changes necessary to break the cycle of generational poverty. 

By: Jessica Burt 



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