Our programs are personalized with a one on one approach and focus on the following:


Embracing an accomplished mindset

Focusing on quality of life

Gaining financial and employment success


Qualified participants will be 16 years of age or older and must want to improve themselves or their situation.


Real Talk support group centers around cognitive behavioral intervention and the development of mindfulness and critical thinking. The curriculum encompasses leadership and community-oriented learning and development.


Getting in Tune support group focuses on personal maturation and sustaining mindset and behavioral change. This group provides accountability parntering and serves as reinforcement toward completing success plans, achieving goals and up-leveling social skills.


The Partners in Change program is designed to help individuals in a one on one setting, by assisting them to develop and achieve their life goals. The program has three phases, each phase lasting sixty days. The participant will meet one on one with a Fountain of Youth professional each week to see how they are progressing with their goals and what we can do to help. This program consists of each participant making an individual success plan that pertains to one of the following areas: knowledge of self and others, citizenship, basic life skills, education, health and wellness, career/professional success and financial literacy. The program is a minimum of sixty days commitment and a maximum of six months.