The Fountain of Youth serves individuals impacted by generational poverty. The majority of the community members we work with are aged 16-40. All of our participants are intrinsically motivated attendees and desire change for themselves and for future generations.

In 2019, The Fountain of Youth served over 255 participants. Program attendance included over 66 participants in Partners In Change, 114 in “Real Talk”, 124 in In Tune, 96 in Inside Out and 14 in the Trauma Group.  

97% of the individuals who completed Fountain of Youth Real Talk programming in 2019 are employed and many continue to stay engaged at Fountain of Youth as volunteers.

Employment is not the only success our participants have experienced, as more than one participant has regained custody of their children after completing the program. Participant surveys indicate from orientation to Phase 1 completion, self worth, self-confidence, employment/education readiness, connection to community and knowledge of community resources increased by over 20%.

Services in addition to the curricula include:

Assistance in finding employment paying more than the minimum wage with opportunities for growth in each position, mentoring to reinforce concepts/ideas presented in class, individual goal setting, and educational, engaging activities provided for participants’ children while they attend classes.

Examination of their own experience of poverty and exploration of the issues in their community that impact poverty. This allows them to gain invaluable insight from each other and take action to end the cycle in their own lives and for future generations.

Learning how to build positive resources and develop healthy relationships in order to increase stability in employment and personally in their own lives.

Progress is determined by participants participation in weekly classes, ability to sustain employment, and/or enroll in educational opportunities for GED completion, vocational training, or higher education through the community college or local universities. Because we are such a new program, data is continually being tracked.

“I am energized to see the Dubuque community being transformed from the inside out by lifting people from generational poverty up and telling them “You are Somebody.”

Director and Founder

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