Brock Waterman, Board President

Brock Waterman is the owner and founder of Innovative Dubuque.  Innovative Dubuque’s mission is to deliver results by leveraging staff’s knowledge and experience to work with business owners, non-profits, government organizations, entrepreneurs, and the community. Brock grew up in an entrepreneurial family and has handled all facets of owning a business including business ownership transitions. Brock has assisted hundreds of businesses with finding funding to start or expand their businesses including single projects that have required over $13 million of capital. 

 Brock assists his wife Becky with her two businesses Dubuque Massage Therapy LLC and Platteville Massage Therapy LLC.Brock has traveled to 33 countries and spent over 3 years of his life outside of the United States.  Brock lives in Dubuque, IA with his wife and two amazing daughters, Kyra and Verity. Brock has been on the board since August of 2018.  He has been the chair of multiple committees and has served as a mentor to the Executive Director.  Since September 2019, Brock has served as the President of the Board.  

“The difficulties participants face and the astounding need for the service is what makes it personal. ” 

Brock has been able to see first-hand the changes people have made, against all odds. Brock sees the value in people and the importance of giving them the chance and support that they have typically never had. 

“When people can break the cycle, the positive impact for the community is immense.”

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