Becky Waterman is the owner of Dubuque Massage Therapy LLC ( and Platteville Massage Therapy LLC ( Both businesses have a goal of helping clients “Relieve Pain, Reduce Stress and Live Healthy” through specialized natural massages. Becky is the only Precision Neuromuscular Therapy (medical massage) certified therapist in Iowa, or in Grant County, WI.

Becky lives in Dubuque, IA with her husband, Brock, and two daughters, Kyra and Verity. Becky has traveled abroad many times with Brock. They love to take their kids and teach them about the world.  Her family especially enjoys the outdoors and wildlife. She grew up on a farm in Sherrill, IA and loves to show Kyra and Verity how cows are milked and crops are made.

Becky met Caprice in September 2017 when Dubuque Massage was helping to promote and raise funds for Dubuque area non-profit organizations.  She joined the board in February 2018. She served as President from June 2018 to September 2019. Since then, she has been on the executive board as Past-President.  She has been involved in multiple committees and now serves as co-chair of the Resources Committee.

The impact the Fountain of Youth Program has on transforming people’s lives is what drives Becky’s passion for this work. Being able to see people change their mindset and create a new path for their life is rewarding. When you hear stories of participants getting their kids back, obtaining an education, creating a savings account, and obtaining their Driver’s license it makes Becky excited about the work the Fountain of Youth Program and the board are doing.

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